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SC SERIES Container Handlers

A cost-effective solution for moving and handling oversized long loads. Ideal for handling containers.

Complete independence when moving containers and oversized loads. Great manoeuvrability, light footprint and highly customisable.


The Cost-Effective Solution for Handling Containers and Similar Oversized Loads

Through innovation, Combilift have created a very cost-effective and flexible solution for haulage, distribution and shipping operations even with relatively low throughput levels.

Boasting an 80-tonne maximum capacity the SC is a much more economical option than using conventional container handling forklifts, reach stackers or mobile cranes. Offering complete independence when it comes to the transportation of containers and similarly oversized products around the site. It can lift fully loaded containers from the ground onto the trailer, from trailer to trailer and from trailer to ground.

For more information on how your business could directly benefit from the SC and the independence, it can bring, contact our sales team today.


  • Up To 80 Tonne Capacity: With a massive capacity range the SC can transport even the heaviest container or similarly oversized products.
  • Ideal Positioning: Containers can be positioned exactly where required for efficient stuffing/destuffing, saving time in the transporting process.
  • Cost Effective: Considerably cheaper than conventional container stackers, allowing you to invest the money saved in optimising other operations.
  • Complete Independence: Through creating a cost effective means of container handling, Combilift offer your business a chance to afford your own container handling truck creating independence, life cost savings and flexibility to your operation. As well as eliminating trailers waiting time to be loaded/unloaded
  • Lower Ground Pressure: Significantly lower ground pressure when compared to reach stackers or container handling forklifts, ideal for operating on poor or uneven surfaces
  • Fast Load: It takes just 3 minutes to load a container from the ground onto a vehicle, minimising loading/unloading time to ensure you make your deadlines.
ModelRated capacity (kgs)Load centre (mm)Wheelbase (mm)Chassis width (mm)Lift heights (mm)

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