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Aisle Master Articulated Forklifts for Operating in Very Narrow Aisles

Increase productivity & storage space

The Aisle-Master VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) articulated forklift is the versatile forklift truck that does it all. It works in narrow aisles to enable a dramatic reduction of working aisle widths in the warehouse. This delivers up to 50% more warehouse storage space.

Not only can we supply the space optimising Aisle-Master, but CAM also have unparalleled insight into your warehouse, including the supply of space-saving racking which can optimise the use of your aisle master.

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Why Choose an Aisle-Master
Articulated Truck?

Aisle-Master products offer a key range of benefits and all contribute to higher productivity and better, more efficient use of available warehouse capacity. Some of these benefits include:

  • Higher reach and load capacity
  • Driver comfort and safety
  • Easy operation
  • Efficient 19.5kw AC motors for low running costs
  • Indoor and outdoor operation
  • Increase storage capacity by up to 50%
  • Increase productivity
  • A versatile machine
  • Work stronger for longer
  • Built to last
  • Superior ergonomics and visibility

Require additional storage space?

When you require additional warehouse space, you have two options, extend your existing facility or move premises. With an Aisle Master articulated forklift, you create a third option. By optimising your racking layout and reducing aisle widths down to as little as 1.6 m, you can dramatically increase your storage capacity within your existing facility.

Greater reach and capacity means a 50% increase in warehouse storage and reduced costs.

Case Study

CAM Fork Lift Trucks supplied a refurbished Aisle-master articulated forklift for a leading global supplier of metals. Not only did they supply the equipment including numerous counterbalance forklifts, but they also installed a narrow aisle racking system for the aisle-master truck to work efficiently in.

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