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The truck you need, when you need it!

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From a single forklift to a larger mixed fleet, and from one day hire to a fixed cost longer-term rental agreement, CAM Fork Lift Trucks have the resources to fulfil your businesses’ requirement.

We understand that every customer’s operational requirements and seasonal demands are different, and that your needs can change, especially when faced with the unprecedented events of 2020!

Our extensive hire fleet includes Counterbalance, Pedestrian, Warehouse Trucks as well as Cleaning and Access Equipment.

Short Term Rental Long Term Rental Why Choose CAM?

How Can We Help?

    Short Term Rental

    CAM Fork Lift Trucks have the widest choice of quality forklift trucks and warehousing equipment available for short term hire in Sheffield. Your forklift requirements often change, therefore our extensive forklift hire fleet and rental options allow you to source the right forklift truck for the job at hand.

    • Emergency Replacement: Ensure downtime is minimised and maintain productivity if your existing truck breaks down.
    • Infrequent Application: Need a specialist piece of equipment to fulfil a certain task but not regularly enough to warrant purchasing the machinery outright? Our range is suited for all environments and requirements.
    • Seasonal Demand: Eliminate the unnecessary costs of idle equipment by making use of our hire fleet to help you facilitate seasonal rises in demand.
    • Unexpected Demand: If you experience an unexpected high volume of sales, our hire fleet will be on hand to help you handle the excess workload.
    • One Off Application: If a unique application arises we can assist with the correct equipment. Whether it be a forklift attachment or the need for a forklift with a driver, we ensure any unusual occurances are covered.

    Long Term Rental

    Contract hire is a popular method of acquiring materials handling equipment, and at CAM we can offer you the perfect solution from a single truck to a larger fleet and with the choice of new or used equipment

    From the initial site survey, right through the duration of the hire term, our aim is to develop a partnership that will ensure you receive the best possible service and customer care.

    Why choose long term hire?

    • Reduce Initial Investment: Whether it’s a capital issue, or you would like to spend the initial cost on something profit-generating, contract hire gives the flexibility to align costs over an extended period of time.
    • Improved cash management: Through long term hire you can leverage off-balance-sheet financing, your hire overheads are easy to manage and you can effectively apply accounting and tax facilities.
    • Maintenance Requirements Included:  With CAM there are no hidden costs, all maintenance requirements are included in the price, so there is one less thing you have to worry about.

    Why Choose CAM Hire?

    hire equipment
    • We can supply the most suitable equipment for you (not us!): Ensuring you get the right forklift to suit your needs, first time, every time.
    • Large fleet of support/backup equipment: Not only do we have an extensive range of trucks, but also an extensive range of attachments to ensure you are entirely equipped for the task in hand.
    • Unbiased appraisals and advice: Our experienced staff will be more than happy to share their expertise making certain that you are efficiently equipped.
    • Friendly Staff: Not only are our staff experienced and highly competent, they are also extremely helpful, approachable and most importantly friendly; leaving you with not only the right truck at the right time, but a great customer experience.
    • Responsive: Complete support from the CAM service teams
    • Fleet Of Fully Equipped Mobile Workshops: We understand mobility matters, therefore our engineers are a mobile force trained to fight downtime, making sure you are down for as little as possible, so you can see those margins go up.
    • Prompt service response times: Our 4-hour response rate is envy of the industry.
    • 24 Hour / 7 Day call out: We’ll be here when you need us, meaning any downtime will be small time.
    • Flexible Terms: Our service is tailored to your needs which may be ever-changing and we understand we must reflect that.