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The Lightweight push-around access platform

Safe, comfortable and cost-effective, the Hugo lift replaces the need for ladders and steps. Easy to transport and with the compact design it’s ideal for the most cramped working environments. The Hugo lift also comes with self-locking gates to ensure operator safety.

  • Hugo Lift 4.2m
  • Push Series
  • Max. picking height 4.2m
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Why Hugo Lift?

  • Working height of 4.2m
  • Height adjustable cargo shelf with 50kg capacity and multiple configurations for stock-picking, mannequin handling, cleaning, and general maintenance
  • Removable storage bins with option to replace bins with a flat shelf
  • Platform-Interlock Technology™ automatically locks the gate when the platform is elevated
  • Compact size and weight allows easy transportation, and Hugo will go through a standard single doorway
  • Lightweight design means Hugo can go in most passenger lifts and on floors with restricted floor loading
  • Easy to operate with simple controls for elevating
  • 2-wheel and 4-wheel steer options
  • Auto-elevation braking ensures operators can’t forget to apply brakes
  • Low maintenance systems – saves you time and money

Ideal for working at height in offices; shops; factories; data centres; libraries, archives and stores; hospitals; schools and universities; museums and other public buildings.

  • Hugo has a multi-functional front cargo shelf which can be customised to suit many tasks.
  • Custom shelf with a non-slip surface for archive boxes.
  • Flat shelf in acrylic for libraries and facilities management.
  • Perfect for stock picking or stock-taking.
  • Tool bins for facilities management work, holding tools and cleaning materials.

To find out more about the Hugo Lift or to arrange an on-site demonstration please contact us today on 0114 243 3332.

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