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Thorough Examinations

If you own or operate a forklift it is your legal obligation  to ensure it holds a valid report of Thorough Examination

It is not the same as regular maintenance – so you need one whether or not you’ve just had the truck serviced.

The legislation states that a basic forklift truck being used less than 40 hours a week must be thoroughly examined at least every 12 months and in the case of lifting equipment for lifting persons or an accessory for lifting, at least every 6 months.

However many factors can alter how often your forklift needs to be thoroughly examined, from hours used, to use of attachments; to find out how regularly you need to get your forklift examined click here.

thorough examinations
What is a Thorough Examination?

A Thorough Examination is like an M.O.T only more, well, thorough.

We never do things by halves, especially when it comes to your safety, therefore our Thorough Examinations are comprehensive and cover two key sets of Health and Safety legislation.

The formal legal requirement for the thorough examination of forklift trucks is set out in the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (known as LOLER 98), regulation 9.

However, these rules only apply to the truck’s lifting mechanism – and under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (known as PUWER 98), regulation 6, an employer also has a duty to perform regular “inspections”, and ensure work equipment remains safe to use.

Who should you choose for your Thorough Examinations?

There are many companies who will offer to carry out Thorough Examinations – so who should you choose? Until recently, that would have been a difficult question to answer, but now the materials handling industry has an accredited national scheme that offers total peace of mind – CFTS.

CAM Fork Lift Trucks Limited, is an accredited member of the industry body the Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) is fully accredited to conduct and manage all your Thorough Examination requirements with regards to any of your materials handling equipment. We are able to provide individual Thorough Examination Inspections or can provide a comprehensive management programme that will ensure Thorough Examinations are carried out at the specified intervals, taking a hands-on approach to proactively assist you in the management of a legal responsibility of every trading company under current UK legislation.

The Thorough Examination Inspections are all conducted by our own formally accredited engineers – to the required standards as set by the controlling body Consolidated Fork Truck Services (CFTS) and which are approved to the HSE required standards with regards to forklift trucks and associated Materials Handling Equipment.

Don’t do things by half, insist on the CFTS mark of quality and contact CAM today.

Call our experienced forklift service and maintenance team today and we will find the ideal solution for you.

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