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Workplace Safety inspections are effective tools in the hazard identification process. The purpose of the inspection is to identify & assess the risk associated with hazards in the workplace & where possible recommend actions to be taken to minimise the risk.

Did you know pallet racking is work equipment and needs to comply to P.U.W.E.R standards?

Here at CAM we know that health and safety is one of your top priorities as a business, but did you know that annual pallet racking inspections is also a legal obligation?

Furthermore, Insurers are increasingly asking for proof of racking inspections to alleviate their risk. CAM can help, our racking inspectors can ensure not only that your workplace is safe, but that it complies with legal obligations and may also help reduce your insurance premiums.

Additionally, our inspectors can aid you with knowledge, advice and assistance in ensuring you can identify hazards between inspections, minimising risk to you, your employees and the public.

Major Pallet racking collapse happens every week in the UK, however our expert racking inspections can deliver you peace of mind that your working environment will be safe from any collapse.

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How often do I need to have a racking inspection?

In order to ensure that you are compliant with Health and Safety Regulations you should have your racking inspected:

  • Annually as a minimum, you may require more regular inspections dependent upon the level of damage identified.
  • Following any changes to your warehouse layout or warehouse system.
  • Within 4 to 6 months of any new installation.

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