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FHB 6.0 – 12.0 Electric Forklifts

4 Wheel Heavy Duty Electric Counterbalance Forklift

Featuring a compact yet robust design, the Heavy-duty FHB 60-120 Electric Forklift is built for handling heavy loads with ease and agility in indoor and outdoor environments. Adaptable to work in a variety of applications, it is the perfect replacement for your Heavy-duty Engine Forklifts as more businesses look to make the switch to Electric.



Power Meets Performance

Even with a load capacity of up to 12 tonnes, the FHB’s compact dimensions, high steering angles and precise electronic control offer optimal manoeuvrability with even the heaviest of loads.

All models are equipped with specialised curve control, facilitating efficient and secure cornering. The high-performance model further distinguishes itself with a rear steering axle boasting over 100 degrees of movability. There is also an option for a low overhead guard to optimise the truck’s utility in confined spaces, making it an ideal choice for precision tasks such as container work.

Optimise Operational Efficiency & Expenditure

With cutting-edge electric motor technology, the TCM counterbalance FHB 60-120 is designed to simultaneously lower energy consumption and boost power. This is achieved through sophisticated controllers strategically positioned to minimise energy loss and optimise motor management. Furthermore, robust regenerative braking efficiently recycles energy, complemented by a substantial 96V battery that ensures a prolonged high-performance output.

Effortless maintenance of the truck promotes operational efficiencies, with streamlined servicing of motors, controllers, and other critical systems. The multifunctional, interactive colour display fosters proper usage and maintenance practices, while straightforward plug-in diagnostics and troubleshooting contribute to minimising downtime and preserving operational efficiency.

Cost of Operation

Operators represent a large cost in operations. When it comes to the efficiency of the truck we invest in the operator, making them more comfortable, therefore more efficient.

Enhance Operator Efficiency and Safety

The FHB 60-120 forklift truck is an ergonomically designed vehicles that elevates comfort and safety for optimal profitability.

In heavy-duty applications, the truck prioritises operator comfort and safety by incorporating near-silent hydraulic pumps and low-noise technologies to minimise vibration and enhance awareness of surrounding activity.

For an added layer of safety in a quieter environment, the truck offers various lighting options, including a road light kit, LED work lights, amber strobes, and blue floor spots.

Inside the cab, operators can personalise their environment with separate air conditioner and heater options, front and rear window heating elements, and weatherproof paneling for optimal comfort and visibility in diverse conditions. Visibility is further amplified by a user-friendly colour display, a clear-vision mast design, and a rear-view camera that, in conjunction with the overall cab design, provides 360-degree visibility without requiring the driver to change position.

Additional features

To uphold stringent safety standards, the truck features automated safety measures such as an automatic parking brake that engages after the truck remains stationary for a defined period and a seat that deactivates travel if the driver exits the vehicle.

Additional features, such as an adjustable low seat position, empower drivers to tailor their seating preferences for easy entry and exit from the vehicle. Many more features are also available for this truck, should you require any further information get in touch with us.

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