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FHB 2.5 – 3.5 Electric Forklifts

Ensuring optimum safety and confidence when in control, the FHB boasts intelligence and efficiency. With its one-spoke steering wheel, sealed wet disc brakes, Integrated Presence System, and cleverly angled counterweight, each feature has been designed with the operator in mind.



Safety & Control Drives Confidence… Confidence Drives Work

Rugged TCM build quality, simple, effective design… and the kind of smooth, instinctive control that gets the job done right fi rst time, every time is all underpinned with outstanding safety features.

From the one-spoke steering wheel, sealed wet disc brakes, Integrated Presence System, to the cleverly angled counterweight, every aspect maximises safety and the driver’s all-round view of the job in hand. No expensive gimmicks, just great truck design.

FHB Features

  • High residual capacity designed with up to 7m high capacity in mind.
  • Trucks offer industry-leading capacities and stability of height.
  • A more compact, cost-effective chassis can be utilised.
  • Oil-immersed wet disc brakes are always activated for safety and are only deactivated when operator is seated and the accelerator is pressed.
  • Brakes are maintenance-free and create no brake dust (ideal for food operations) and even loading outdoors in the rain.

Industry Leading Efficient Performance

New innovations targeting low energy consumption, greater productivity and improved safety.

Sensitive Drive System (SDS) responds intuitively to the driver’s input – altering the performance characteristics for greater productivity and safety.

Steering Intelligence & Agility

Smooth turns and ultimate control to increase efficiency and safety, reducing tyre wear.

  • Tight space agility as rear axle steers through a full 100°, with dual drive motors for an instant, smooth turning on the spot and no initial ‘push’.
  • Unique four-wheel steering from a combination of intelligent software and counter rotating drive wheels, offers extreme agility – with no pressure on steer wheels – whilst maintaining industry leading capacities.

Cost of Operation

Operators represent a large cost in operations. When it comes to the efficiency of the truck we invest in the operator, making them more comfortable, therefore more efficient.

Unique Design Focussed on Operator Comfort & Productivity

Fully adjustable driving position creates the perfect seat, arm and steering wheel position for each operator’s unique needs.


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