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FB/FTB 1.4 – 2.0 Electric Forklifts

3-4 Wheel Counterbalance Forklift

The FB/FTB has been built to automatically adapt truck behaviour to the driver’s wishes and needs. With an advanced range of features and applications, the FB/FTB is a great option for those looking for a vehicle that is agile, intelligent and durable.


Redefining Operator Comfort & Control

With a large and airy operator space and controls within comfortable reach, the FB/FTB maintains a stress and strain-free working day, promoting good posture, and boosting productivity.

Ergonomic Placement For Comfortable Drive

  • Electronic fingertip control with innovative armrest enabling fully productive operation without the need to lift the hand.
  • Low windscreen motor opens up excellent visibility to the front.
  • Curved and grooved pedal surface and angle ensures enhanced grip and control with smooth slide action.

Effortless Steering, Even At High Speed

  • Optimised one-spoke steering wheel with the steering knob returning to the ideal 8 o’clock position when straight steering, perfected wheel dimensions and steering force with no ‘sticking’ at the end of movement, contribute to the ideal operator driving position for effortless control and improved visibility.
  • Precision steering at high speeds and increased effect on high steering angles with less turning of the steering wheel and steadier, smoother riding on the straight.
  • Quieter gearbox at high RPM in comparison to other low speed gearboxes in this class.

Easy Access Cabin

  • Big, wide step for comfortable, easy access for all shoe sizes.

  • Fully adjustable seat, armrest and steering wheel within a larger operator space for greater comfort and improved driving posture, reducing the strain for both smaller and larger drivers (up to size 50 EU shoe).

  • Long-handled grab bar means confident entry and exit for all driver heights.

  • Smooth curved battery cover and side panel to aid fast flowing movement exiting and entering the cabin.

  • Three optional storage spaces for the operator’s need-to-have’s e.g. papers, markers, drinks bottle, tools etc.

Wide Range Of Customisable Control Options:

  • Mechanical levers positioned closer to the driver to support good posture and optimum placement of other attachments.
  • Tilt levelling – automatically brings forks to a horizontal position.
  • Release interlock – to prevent accidental opening if clamp attachment is fitted.
  • Operator presence pedal must be gently pressed with the resting foot to operate the truck, ensuring all limbs are safely within the truck when driving.
  • Double pedal system with independent pedals each side of the brake pedal for efficient forward and reverse acceleration.

Responsive & Agile

  • Adaptive speed control with rapid response to foot movement for smooth transition of power without jolting.
  • 360º steering option on the 3-wheel truck enables the operator to efficiently change the truck’s direction in a single, smooth and seamless operation, without stopping. Increases load stability whilst also reducing the truck’s TCO.
  • Dual drive 4-wheel steering on the 4-wheel truck combined with +100º rear turning axle allows for a smooth change to sideways driving.
  • 2 driving modes: ECO ideal for less experienced staff and promoting efficiencies and PRO for more experienced operators. Customer specific settings are available via Trucktool with a service engineer.
  • Fully electronic magnetic brakes for improved energy consumption and reduced maintenance.

Clear Information Display

  • Crystal clear display – visible from alongside the truck and any other angle.
  • Comprehensive menu of messages to inform, warn, alert and instruct. Choose from 38 native languages.
  • Colour-coded for one glance message clarity and well-positioned to be seen at the appropriate time and for optimal help at lifting and loading.
  • Step by step instruction e-manual preloaded for top-up training.
  • Equipment Bar for optional attachments positioned to right of the dashboard for an uninterrupted view of displays.

Fast & Simple Battery Exchange

  • Quick-release locks +180 degree-opening door aids swift battery exchange and one glance battery water level checks (lead-acid).

  • Crane battery exchange hatch for existing crane systems available.

  • Optional sideways battery exchange speeds the change further with a power pallet truck or hand pallet truck.

Lithium-ion batteries can offer real advantages over lead-acid batteries, particularly in high energy, multi-shift, and 24/7 applications. When it comes to Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), TCM can advise you on the most cost-effective energy solution you will need to meet all your operational requirements.

Stability Support System

Advanced driver assistance reducing risks when operating the truck.

  • Curve Control calculates and adjusts speeds according to the steering angle.
  • Hill hold and auto parking brake prevents truck from rolling back down a ramp when the accelerator is released, increasing operator confidence.
  • Simultaneous functions are electronically compensated for well balanced precise high productivity.
  • Load sensing hydraulic system monitors truck, lift, tilt speeds and load weight to automatically make performance adjustments to maintain optimal truck stability at all times.
  • Improved mast sway control for lifts above 3m – both tilting and side shift operation (optional).

  • High lift traction control over 2m with automatic cutback, for steadier chassis movements and total operator control.

Outstanding 360º Visibility

  • Clear line of sight and full awareness when positioning and loading, even in challenging tight spaces.
  • Clear view above newly styled overhead guard.

  • Seat, steering wheel and dashboard positions optimised for front visibility without compromising operator entry/exit.

Working, Safety & Driving Light Options

  • Working lights, mast and reversing lights (standard fit), OHG and rear mounted – illuminating the load and surroundings, not the truck.
  • Safety lights – Amber strobe safety lamp and blue safety lamp at front and rear define safe boundaries around truck and activate depending on direction of travel.
  • Driving lights – Low beam front, stop and tail + turn indicators and (optional) beacon.
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