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The right Forklift Attachment for your application

A lot of warehouse systems do not require specialist forklift attachments and just the standard forks connected to the truck will be suitable for the job. However, some warehouse systems require more than just the standard forks and this is where specialist forklift attachments can be very beneficial. There is an attachment available for every application, from tipping skips to platforms, CAM are able to provide the attachment for your forklift.

Folding Access Platform:

Undertaking inspections that are at a height can be difficult especially if space is limited, the folding access platform allows the operator to be lifted to maximum height the forklift can lift whilst being safely enclosed. The platform can be assembled and folded within a matter of minutes as well as allowing storage when space is at a minimum.

Tipping Skip:

The disposal of materials can be simplified through the use of a tipping skip as it is able to hold and move the materials in confined areas and includes the operation of tipping. Manual operation is standard however on high-level tipping skips automatic tipping can be achieved. If your application requires the destroying of materials then a tipping skip attachment could be extremely beneficial as it would save time and possible injuries of employees as it reduces the manual labour for warehouse operators.

Fork Mounting Jib:

For those items that are not sat on a pallet and can be lifted by a hook, the mounted jib would be the ideal attachment. If the height is not at a premium but maximum lift capacity is critical, the fork mounting jib would be an extremely productive attachment. It allows the movement of long and awkward loads from inaccessible locations.

Fork Mounted Magnet:

When warehouse floors collect metal, this can sometimes be difficult to clean up, the fork-mounted magnet attachment allows a productive way to do so. The magnet provides an effective method of clearing factory floors, car parks and goods yards of unwanted steel debris that could otherwise present a hazard.

Fork Extensions:

For long and awkward loads that the length of a normal fork is not able to lift, forklift extensions make it possible. Longer crates and pallets can be lifted, as well as making the process a lot easier and faster.

Contact CAM

There are forklift attachments for all applications if an attachment that your application requires is or isn’t listed then contact CAM and we will be able to find the right attachment for you.

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