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SSO Pallet Stackers

Highly comfortable sit-on stacker

A range of sit-on rider-stacker trucks ideal for longer distance travel, loading and unloading from ground level, internal transfer and stacking up to 6.75 metres (senior model).


These models are fast, stable and highly compact. As the operator is housed within the truck, they are also extremely space-efficient and able to work in extremely limited stacking aisles.

Large battery capacity enables these powerful vehicles to work easily through a shift, with ergonomically designed controls for maximum operator comfort and specially shaped narrow forks for precise and rapid pallet entry. The AC motor offers powerful acceleration with almost 100 per cent top speed capability when travelling fully laden. Operation is silent, with regenerative braking adding to the truck’s uptime.

Comfort And Control

Instrument panel and midi-type steering wheel are adjustable for maximum individual comfort and minimum fatigue, with controls located close together for fast, single-handed operation. Keypad operation prevents unauthorised access, with settings programmable according to operator experience or the task in hand.


SRT / SST Reach out

The SRO and SSO have the possibility for the addition of the telescopic forks, therefore becoming the SRT and SST. These trucks allow double-deep handling to reduce aisle widths even further, or even loading and unloading transport from just one side. In some applications, this function can replace a small reach truck.


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