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SRS / SRD Pallet Stackers

The pedestrian stacker SRS is an extremely versatile member of the stacker range.

The truck is ideal for medium-height stacking applications (5.4 metres) in narrow spaces, short, medium and long-distance travel, and for occasional order picking, and when equipped with straddle lift, double pallet handling.


The SRD fits ideally to the needs of cross-docking, facilitating a broad range of applications and short, medium and long internal transports. The excellent control of drive and lift systems and intuitive handling puts the operator firmly in control.

Both trucks (SRS/SRD) are featured with the foldable platform with low step-up height. The platform is cast in order to withstand deformations from collisions and has excellent dampers for suspension. Excellent stability, high drive and lift/lowering speed, foldable side protection bars, all adds to the efficiency. Easy service access, extended service interval reduces downtime to the minimum.


The ergonomic tiller-type steering arm, with all controls close at hand, makes the SRS/SRD easy to handle and puts the operator firmly in control. The keypad for individual truck drive settings and “bounce-back” truck-top safety features are all housed in one compact unit.


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