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SPL / SPD Pallet Stackers

Compact stacking for medium heights

TCM’s SPL and SPD compact pedestrian stackers are highly versatile, providing low-cost solutions for medium height stacking applications, short, medium and long-distance travel, unloading and occasional order picking.


SPL for single pallets and SPD for double pallet handling. The modern design of these models includes specially rounded edges to safeguard personnel, prevent damage to products and allow for easy cleaning. Robust construction includes metal sides to help absorb knocks, while a modular format enables components to be shared across the range for economic and rapid availability.


Tiller-type steering with all functions falling easily to hand put the operator firmly in control. Truck and mast functions, keypad for individual settings and “bounce-back” truck-stop safety feature in one compact unit.

Truck widths and lengths are small for ease of use in restricted areas, while the four-wheel design makes for excellent stability and high residual capacities.

The tiller arm is offset, enabling the operator to walk safely next to the truck with the tiller in his right hand, with all controls for lifting and lowering close to hand in the tiller head. Intelligent electronics add to truck control and diagnostics, while the low chassis allows the operator the best view of the forks at all times.


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