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Pramac RX10/16 Pallet Stacker

£3,710.00 +VAT

1153 X 560MM – 1000KG – SINGLE

Product Specifications
SKU: HI31030B000


About The RX10/16

The RX is the most compact of the electric stackers with a single mast suitable for loads up to 1,000kg and elevation up to 1,600 mm. The RX allows for comfortable, safe use, with low maintenance costs.

The RX is a compact, fully electric single mast stacker that can handle loads up to 1000kg. RX combines compactness, ergonomics and covers a wide range of daily light use applications. The Plus version is equipped with powerful semi-traction batteries that have a long service life and a large number of charging cycles. The drawbar is reinforced with metal and includes an ergonomic handle with various controls.

ModelProduct SKUSpec SheetCapacityFork LengthOverall Width Across ForksIndividual Fork WidthFork Height Lowered
Pramac RX10/16 Pallet StackerHI31030B000 Spec Sheet1000kg1153mm794mm150mm90mm

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