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Pramac TX Pallet Stacker

From £2,848.75 +VAT

Product Specifications


About The TX

The TX is suitable for lifting very heavy loads safely. The TX series stackers are characterised by manual traction and electrohydraulic lifting technology. Version 12 (1.2 t) includes polyurethane wheels as standard to reduce resistance and effort required even with full load capacity.

The start key on the TX stacker performs a double function:

  • switches the stacker on/off;
  • is an emergency control, i.e. it completely stops the battery power supply and thus prevents the forks from moving.

The foot brake performs the parking brake function.

The ergonomic tiller allows an excellent directionality of the machine, thanks to a steering system on both rear wheels.

The TX 12 version is equipped with adjustable buffers that minimize possible oscillation during lifting.

It allows easier access to the battery housing for faster ordinary maintenance.

ModelProduct SKUSpec SheetCapacityFork LengthOverall Width Across ForksIndividual Fork WidthFork Height Lowered
TX10-16 1600MM (Gel)HA310300000 Spec Sheet1000kg90mm750mm150mm90mm
TX10-16 1600MM (Straddle + Gel)HA310010000 Spec Sheet1000kg1000mm750/1504mm100mm35mm
TX12-25 2500MM (Gel)HA512000000 Spec Sheet1200kg1150mm850mm150mm90mm
TX12-35 3500MM (Gel)HA712000000 Spec Sheet1200kg1150mm850mm150mm90mm

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