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Pramac GS Evo Hand Pallet Truck

From £345.00 +VAT

The​ GS EVO is the top choice for hand pallet truck: designed for an intensive use with maximum easiness of use and superior ergonomics.

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About The GS Evo

Available in a wide range of options, it is the right tool for customer that is looking for a tailored product for his application or simply a great professional tool.

GS is the right machine for the customer that is looking for a simple and sturdy pallet truck: the right companion for everyday work that can adapt to every situation. It comes in a 2000kg and 2500kg setup in various fork sizes.

Maximum Pressure Valve

When the maximum load capacity is exceeded, oil pressure exceeds its maximum limit and the valve automatically locks the forks. Thus possible structural damage is avoided.
ModelProduct SKUSpec SheetCapacityFork LengthOverall Width Across ForksIndividual Fork WidthFork Height Lowered
800 X 400MM - 2500KG - TANDEMTEB00AVY100 Spec Sheet2500kg800mm400mm150mm85mm
1000 X 525MM - 2500KG - TANDEMTEB21AVY100 Spec Sheet2500kg2000mm525mm150mm85mm
1000 X 685MM - 2500KG - TANDEMTEB25AVY100 Spec Sheet2500kg1000mm685mm150mm85mm
1150 X 525MM - 2500KG - TANDEMTEB41AVY100 Spec Sheet2500kg1150mm525mm150mm85mm
2000 X 525MM - 2500KG - TANDEMTEBB1AVY100 Spec Sheet2500kg2000mm525mm150mm85mm
2400 X 525MM - 2500KG - TANDEMTEBE1AVY100 Spec Sheet2500kg2400mm525mm150mm85mm
Low Profile 1150 X 525MM - 2000KG - TANDEMTNA410AY100 Spec Sheet2500kg2000mm525mm150mm85mm

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