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Increase Productivity with TCM SRD Ride-On Double Pallet Stackers

When it comes to stacking pallets at various heights, the SRD ride-on double pallet stacker truck from TCM is the go-to choice for versatility. With a strong focus on safety, comfort, and efficiency, the SRD provides operators with ergonomic designs that enhance their working experience. The stacker truck is powered by sustainable Lithium-ION (Li-ION) battery technology.

The SRD range of ride-on double pallet stacker trucks showcases a range of impressive features designed to optimise performance. Equipped with a foldable or driver-protected platform, these models offer double the lift capacity of 2x 1,000KG, a load centre of 600 mm, and a truck width of 740 mm. This makes them ideal for a wide range of applications, including highly efficient loading and unloading operations, internal transport, and cross-docking tasks.

Key features and benefits of the SRD ride-on double pallet stacker range:

Unmatched Efficiency:

In any material handling operations, efficiency is key, and the SRD range surpasses expectations thanks to the innovative double pallet handling design which allows businesses to maximise productivity during loading, unloading and internal transport operations. Additionally, TCM trucks are equipped with a rocker switch on the ergonomic tiller head, allowing operators to control the speed with ease. Furthermore, the regulated lift motor and proportional valve work together to ensure smooth, safe, and precise lifting, lowering, and handling of loads.

The team at TCM are passionate about enhancing efficiency where possible. As a result, the SRD range has a top speed of 10 km/h and a choice of two lift heights: 1,700 mm and 2,000 mm, so from floor to forks your operators are provided with optimised lifting and lowering abilities for greater productivity.

The narrow chassis of the SRD range enables the operator to pick and position pallets in confined spaces commonly encountered in productions areas and narrow aisle warehouses. In addition to the narrow aisle chassis, the SRD ride-on double pallet stacker trucks feature excellent ground clearance for negotiating ramps and dock levellers.

Image of a woman operating SRD
Woman operating SRD
Enhanced Operator Ergonomics:

TCM understand the importance of providing a comfortable and safe environment for operators. Housed within impact-resistant, weather-protected casing, the patented lift/lower rocker buttons and easy-reach controls reduce the risk of fatigue and repetitive strain injury.

Both the foldable and fixed platforms are mechanically damped to ensure operators aren’t affected by the vibrations of the truck. These enhanced driver ergonomics allow operators to travel long distances and carry out extended work cycles with ease.

The low chassis prevents foot injuries, and the compact design, together with optional power steering, facilitates manoeuvring in tight spaces, meaning the operator doesn’t have to struggle when accessing pallets in the narrow aisles of a warehouse.

Powerful and Sustainable:

TCM believe in sustainable solutions. Aside from being environmentally friendly, Lithium-ION (Li-ION) battery technology can offer real advantages over conventional lead-acid batteries, especially in high usage, multi-shift and 24/7 operations.

To learn more about the TCM Lithium Solutions, visit here.

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