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Introducing the NEW Combi-CB70E Multidirectional Forklift

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Combilift has once again taken centre stage at a major materials handling exhibition with the launch of the all-new Combi-CB70E Electric Multidirectional Forklift.

With its first unveiling at the Ligna International Timber and Woodworking show in Hannover Germany, the  Combi-CB70E boasts the distinction of being the shortest 7000kg capacity counterbalance truck on the market whilst also benefitting from multidirectional ability, enabling the versatile space-saving handling of both long and bulky loads.

Design features of the Combi-CB70E include its super-elastic tyres and compact wheelbase making it ideally suited for the timber industry. With a lift capacity of 7,000kg/15,500lb, the Combi-CB70E benefits from its remarkably small footprint to its exceptional manoeuvrability to effortlessly navigate confined spaces when moving bulky loads such as timber.

Over recent years, the importance of occupational health & safety has grown, with a particular focus on the well-being of the workforce. Recognising this, Combilift has made it a priority to ensure that their latest generation of models are equipped with top-quality components, creating a stress-free in-cab environment. The spacious cab includes notable features like generous glazing for excellent all-round visibility, tilting steering, hydraulic steering and the Grammer MSG65 seat.

Furthermore, the Combi-CB70E incorporates Combilift’s internationally patented and Red Dot award-winning independent electric traction system, ensuring 100% traction control for all front and rear drive wheels. This eliminates the need for a differential lock on slippery surfaces and significantly reduces twisting caused by long load momentum when traveling sideways. Each electric drive includes parking and regenerative dynamic braking to enhance power efficiency, while the roll-out access to major electrical components simplifies maintenance tasks.

With its next-generation performance, impressive battery life, exceptional ergonomics, and the advantages offered by the Combi-CB range, the Combi-CB70E stands as the most powerful compact electric multidirectional forklift to date, further solidifying Combilift’s position as a leader in the industry.

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