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‘Car Story’ – Benidorm or Bust

Our Engineer Sam is currently taking part in a charity driving challenge, with a limited budget to prepare a car, he and his friends must travel 1,400 miles to Benidorm.

They are raising money for a friend who has suffered a major brainstem stroke leaving her with locked-in syndrome. Ruth had been left in a position where she is unable to talk or move and is working every single day to get everything back. Having physio, hydrotherapy and speech therapy helps to do this.

The journey, which takes 5 days, begins in Dover and finshes in Benidorm, stopping in Rouen, Bordeux and Zaragoza on the way. With a limit of £500 for an “old banger”, Sam and his friends have designed their car based around ‘Car Story’.

Money raised will help massively in order to provide rehabilitaion and equipment required.

The company are making a donation, however, if anyone else would like to personally contribute to the cause it would be greatly appreciated by Sam and his team.

Donations can be made through their ‘Go Fund Me’ page –


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