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CAM delivers their first TCM Forklift

Cronimet Ltd are the proud owners of a brand new TCM FD 3.2

UniCarriers recent multi-brand strategy meant that the company would re-energise TCM as a European dealer brand. As of the 1st April 2015 we have been taking orders for the TCM range, although as you may be aware, the only difference is the appearance.

This week we delivered the first of the rebranded equipment to Cronimet’s Rotherham branch, a worldwide specialist for stainless steel scrap. The team at Cronimet spoke highly of both the forklift and CAM – “When we drove the demo truck we were pleasantly surprised just how comfortable the TCM was, especially with our uneven ground. After trialling a couple of other machines we found that the TCM Forklift CAM supplied was the best machine for the price.”

Read more of what Cronimet had to say by clicking here.

Cronimet TCM

The TCM brand is proving a popular range of equipment within the Yorkshire region, for which we are the approved dealer for. The choice of either ‘Classic Yellow’ or ‘Performance Silver’ is great for companies such as Cronimet where visibility is paramount. The equipment maintains the exact same specifications as the award winning Nissan range so can you can expect the same exceptional performance.

Click here to view the entire TCM range.
Call us on 0114 243 3332 to find out more about how the TCM range can improve your organisation.

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