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PAL Powered Pallet Trucks

High-performance, pedestrian low lifter truck equipped with a 5-point chassis for complete stability even at high speed.


Engineered for extreme manoeuvrability and non-stop performance in the most challenging environments, its robust construction offers durability in all working conditions and is perfectly suited to loading/unloading, internal transport and general warehousing duties.


Ergonomic Tiller Arm

  • Walk safely behind or beside the truck with full visibility over the fork and load.
  • Patented ergonomic tiller arms for effortless control and with robust, weather-proof design.
  • All controls are at the operator’s fingertips.

All Operator Sizes Advanced Technology And Ergonomics For Todays Environments

Outstanding power, performance and reliability comes as standard in TCM warehouse trucks.

With innovations like the ergonomic tiller head design to the efficiency of the AC motor, you can trust that daily operations will be completed with ease across the shop floor to heavy-duty industrial environments. Intelligent modular design means fewer components, maximising uptime and contributes to low lifecycle costs.

Safety Is Integral

The standard ERGO Logic offers up to 9 different mast related functions integrated in one ergonomic designed joystick.

Friction Force Technology For Ground Contact

  • Patented linkage design – for all-wheel and drive wheel constant ground contact.
  • Impressive stability – even on uneven surfaces and ramps.
  • Laterally firm and stable – even with a narrow chassis.

Lithium-ion batteries can offer real advantages over lead-acid batteries, particularly in high energy, multi-shift, and 24/7 applications. When it comes to Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), TCM can advise you on the most cost-effective energy solution you will need to meet all your operational requirements.

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