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RTF Reach Truck

Keeping aisles to a minimum, the powerful multi-directional reach truck RTF offers flexible handling of long and other bulky goods or pallet loads – with superior ergonomics and comfort.


All Operator Sizes

The operator compartment is multi-adjustable: left and right armrest, seat position, even the height of the floor is electric adjustable to accommodate all operator sizes.

Together with our customers, the truck has been fi ne-tuned in the toughest applications. As a result, the TCM RT Series offers an industry-leading ergonomically designed operator position for comfort and safety. For example, the hands-free direction control and optimal placement of the LCD display, keyboard and (optional) writing desk all contribute to a relaxed working space resulting in a productive operator.

Ergo Logic Joystick

The standard ERGO Logic offers up to 9 different mast related functions integrated in one ergonomic designed joystick.

Leading Ergonomics

The special shaped seat backrest offers an easy switch between looking left and right. The slide down and tilt back function supports the operator while working at high lifting heights. Together with the unique mini steering wheel in the armrest, the RT Series offers industry leading ergonomics.

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