New Forklifts

From a simple one truck solution to a complete fleet of warehouse forklifts and equipment. As approved dealers for the extensive TCM range we have the solution for every application with a wide range of new & used forklifts for sale or for hire.

Electric Forklifts

Ready to take centre stage in the future of load handling operations, the TCM Electric series features a wide variety of advanced features, such as a fully AC-powered system. High per-charge operating hours, power and travel speeds result in an exceptionally productive forklift.

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Mariotti MYCROS

Mariotti Electric Forklift
0.8 - 1.3 TONNE
Lift Height 2900 - 5700mm

MYCROS is one of Mariotti's historic ranges that leads the way in everything, namely technology, comfort, equipment supplied and optional extras.

  • AC Technology: All the drive and lifting motors operate in AC, a technology that results in the need for less maintenance and produces excellent economy of service in terms of energy efficiency and battery life. The Mycros range is fitted with 36V batteries. The system consists in a multifunctional LCD display and from 2 to 4 inverters (depending on the version) for operating the asynchronous motors. The different component parts communicate by means of a CAN-bus protocol which guarantees the system's simplicity and reliability. 
  • Adjustable WheelbaseA distinguishing feature of all the models manufactured by Mariotti is their adjustable wheelbase. This function which improves the driving performances of the forklift is connected to the mast tilt position. 
  • Traction: The trucks of the Mycros range offer a choice of traction that is best suited to your needs: rear-wheel drive (​R​WD –​1 wheel) that guarantees the best possible size to operating economy ratio; front-wheel drive (FWD - 2 wheels) where the need for good traction is greatest and finally, all-wheel drive (AWD - 3 wheels) where grip is an absolute must. In the AWD models, the economy drive mode allows rear traction to be deactivated.
  • Steering System, Power Steering and Side ShiftA really compact and reliable rack and pinion steering system guarantees driving accuracy and low energy absorption, extending the truck's autonomy. Already in use on many larger forklift trucks, Mariotti introduced this technical innovation on units with capacities of less than 1600 kg. All of the trucks are equiped with power steering and integrated side-shift as standard, which guarantees driving comfort and the utmost manoeuvrability and agility in tight spaces.
  • Curve Speed Control (CSC)Fitted as standard on all Mycros trucks, the CSC system automatically reduces the unit's speed, depending on the bend that the operator has to negotiate. This reduces the risk of losing stability and oscillating the load.
  • Quick Change Mast (QCM)An innovative solution that is fitted as standard on front-wheel drive (FWD) and all-wheel drive (AWD) models. It allows Mycros to be the only 3 wheel forklift truck all over in the world with an adjustable wheelbase, on which the mast is independent from the axles and the front motors which remain fixed to the chassis (like the trucks with a fixed wheelbase). 
  • Multifunctional LCD DisplayThis LCD display provides clear and accurate information about: battery charge levels, driving direction, driving speed and the position of the steering wheel.
  • Ergonomics, Comfort and Safety: It offers to the operator a great deal of space which guarantees high standards of comfort and ergonomics. Mycros comes with an adjustable steering wheel, a very comfortable suspension seat with 3 adjustable positions and an armrest that is also adjustable, all fitted as standard. All the controls are within easy reach, from the robust directional switch to the levers for the hydraulic distributor. The cabin is rounded off with a handy storage tray and a practical bottle holder. The entire range has two drive modes: rabbit and turtle. Turtle does not just include a reduction of speed, but also a reduction of acceleration and braking with energy recovery. This mode enables to drive in tight spaces and to great lifting heights. Mycros is fitted with rear safety LED lights, as standard, which are clearly visible while maneuvering.
Model Rated capacity (kgs) Load centre (mm) Wheelbase (mm) Chassis width (mm) Lift heights (mm)
8C RWD 800 500 876-966 835-935 2900-5700
8C FWD 800 500 876-966 870-960 2900-5700
8C AWD 800 500 876-966 870-960 2900-5700
10C RWD 1000 500 876-966 835-935 2900-5700
10C FWD 1000 500 876-966 870-960 2900-5700
10C AWD 1000 500 876-966 870-960 2900-5700
10 RWD 1000 500 960-1050 910-990 2900-5700
10 FWD 1000 500 960-1050 930-1030 2900-5700
10 AWD 1000 500 960-1050 930-1030 2900-5700
13 RWD 1300 500 960-1050 910-990 2900-5700
13 FWD 1300 500 960-1050 930-1030 2900-5700
13 AWD 1300 500 960-1050 930-1030 2900-5700

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